Opening windows netbeans project under fedora

asked 2015-04-03 11:30:10 -0500

updated 2015-04-03 17:53:27 -0500

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Hi guys, I wonder, I recently moved from windows to fedora, and I need to use my netbeans projects in linux. I have already installed Java and Netbeans, but I just can't see my projects :) Hope there's a way. Thanks in advance

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Did you try:

He's sort of hard to understand, and I don't use NetBeans, but it looks like you need only copy your C:/User/.netbeans.derby/* database files over to ~/.netbeans.derby/ on your Linux machine.

bitwiseoperator gravatar imagebitwiseoperator ( 2015-04-03 23:32:46 -0500 )edit