Fedora21 install does not complete, what next?

asked 2015-02-15 22:54:17 -0500

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I have a Dell Optiplex 740 with an AMD ANTHLON 64 processor. I have upgraded the memory to 4.5 Gig to make it better able to run Fedora Workstation. It previously had Windows XP.

I have worked my self through several misunderstandings in the install process, but I still can not get the install to complete. Now,after the hard drive

partioning is complete, I click on "Begin Installation". The installer never comes back. It writes to the hard drive for quite a while, but I left it on

overnight and it had quit. The screen was black, and no key did anything. So, no root password was ever entered, and no user created. If I try to boot

from the hard dirve, It begins to boot. Asks if I want to boot from Fedora or Fedora Rescue. Choosing Fedora, it puts up a panic screen, with a stack

trace, and a the final line being: "not syncing:VFS:Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)".

I had downloaded "Fedora-Live-Workstation-x86_64-21-5.iso", checked its HASH, and built a USB drive (2 gig stoarge) to boot from with Rawrite32 on Windows

  1. Until I upgraded the memory on the OptiPlex to 4.5 gig, it gave very un-predictable results as to how far it would go. After the upgrade, it gives the

same results, but not reason for the hang.

If I try to do Fedora Live, it runs for a while and then just freezes up. Not sure what is going on there either.

I am not sure what to do from here. Thanks for any help.

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I would be suspicious of the hard drive, especially in a machine of that age. Boot the live image, run GNOME Disks, click your drive, then the three bars menu button, and choose "SMART Data and Self tests". A failing smart attribute can often mean the drive is unusable.

randomuser gravatar imagerandomuser ( 2015-02-16 08:37:58 -0500 )edit

I will try this as soon as I get back to that workstation.

NewUser gravatar imageNewUser ( 2015-02-16 11:00:38 -0500 )edit