New Fedora on Windows 7 computer

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I am relatively new in Linux to my age 65 comparison, but want start introduce it as a first on my computer and after to company network. I would like also try virtualization to manage easy computer resources. As have to work all the time with Windows 7 till replacement, want use the best method. Let say that my Windows 7 is on separate disk as system and we will don't make there changes. I can also for Windows data use separate disk or put it on server what today is Win 12, but hope it will be also replaced by Linux. So we can install Fedora on dedicated disk and also arrange RAID set for data. System can use SDD disk and RAID will be with three 1T disks. I7 CPU and 32 G RAM Virtualization is important as I want check how it work, learn it and in future install on server with more resources from two physical systems. If virtualization as a firs step is not good idea I will install Fedora without it to start use. I Need to have ability use Windows to necessary work and Fedora to learn so will change system often. I got Fedora 21 X86_64 live ISO (hope it can do fix installation. There is one problem with checksum as if I try download it it opens in Firefox as html window and can't save it to disk as file to be able follow up with checking according to instruction. Hope that somebody will advise me a little. Thank you in advance, Marian

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Ah. That is NOT the checksum issue. Most ISOs downloaded from the vendor can be trusted but it is for authenticity purposes. Do this. Compile Firefox and use it in a separate folder or just download the new one from the main site and set it up with a flash player update and run it in a special applications folder.

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