Security Lab menu options

asked 2015-02-05 09:29:35 -0500


I installed Fedora 21 Security spin that comes with XFCE and I have a problem, the menu options under the "System" menu are doubled.

I scrapped my installation and installed only XFCE and the menu options are OK. Meaning I only have (with their proper icons): - Bulk Rename - chkrootkit - Disk Management - EtherApe - Fedora Release Notes - Gparted ...

Then, I installed the security package with the command #dnf groups install "Security Lab"; which worked fine but it didn't give me the "Security Lab" menu option.

So I did the command: #yum install security-menus*

And now, I have the same menu as in the security spin but in the "System" menu, all the applications notes above are doubled but with different icons. As if adding the Security Lab menu added an icon in the System menu without checking if one was already there.

Does anyone else got that problem or have any idea about this?


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