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F21 Kernel update 3.18.3-201 not booting

asked 2015-01-26 22:06:31 -0500

snowolfe gravatar image

updated 2015-04-06 02:14:49 -0500

I applied the latest kernel update today and now the boot process stalls. I have LVM hosted partitions (apart from boot and efi) and it appears to be having trouble identifying the partitions.

I can reboot in to the previous kernel successfully (3.17.8-300)

I had this problem with kernel 3.18.5, but kernel's 3.18.6, 3.18.7 & 3.18.8 have been fixed.

I applied 3.18.9-200 today and found the issue has reappeared!

However the same work-around works:

sudo -i
dracut --no-hostonly --force /boot/initramfs-3.18.9-200.fc21.x86_64.img 3.18.9-200.fc21.x86_64

Kernels in the 3.19.x range have worked fine. This bug was closed as "not a bug " :

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  1. What log messages do you see during boot?

  2. How far does boot proceed? Do you see Fedora logo (plymouth)? What happens if you press Esc?

  3. Have you installed any binary drivers (e.g. NVidia/AMD graphic drivers)?

  4. Can you see login: prompt by pressing Alt+Ctrl+F2 or Alt+F2 (you might try F3 too)?

hedayat gravatar imagehedayat ( 2015-01-27 04:36:15 -0500 )edit
  1. Visible if I escape out of plymouth is:
 [  134.690475] tuhituhi dracut-initqueue[321]: Scanning devices sda3 sda4  for LVM logical volumes tuhituhi/root tuhituhi/root

    [  134.690672] tuhituhi dracut-initqueue[321]: /sbin/lvm_scan: line 55: [: --partial: integer expression expected

    [  134.690885] tuhituhi dracut-initqueue[321]: /sbin/lvm_scan: line 56: [: --partial: integer expression expected

    [  134.691026] tuhituhi dracut-initqueue[321]: /sbin/lvm_scan: line 57: [: -lt: unary operator expected

    [  134.691151] tuhituhi dracut-initqueue[321]: /sbin/lvm_scan: line 58: [: -gt: unary operator expected

    [  134.691277] tuhituhi dracut-initqueue[321]: /sbin/lvm_scan: line 59: [: -ge: unary operator expected

    [  134.691384] tuhituhi dracut-initqueue[321]: /sbin/lvm_scan: line 59: [: -ge: unary operator expected

Looking at the sosreport - it can't read the two LVM partitions.

  1. It eventually drops to the emergency console, in the meantime the plymouth logo slowly fills.

  2. No binary drivers installed (at this time)

  3. No login - never get far enough through the boot.

It looks like I ...(more)

snowolfe gravatar imagesnowolfe ( 2015-01-27 07:48:25 -0500 )edit

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answered 2015-01-27 14:33:49 -0500

hedayat gravatar image

Yes, you probably need to fill a bug report (but this kernel works fine for me).

Try the following (I assumed x86_64 system. If using 32 bit Fedora, replace x86_64 in the following commands with i686):

  1. Check /boot/grub2/grub.cfg and see if the new kernel uses the same command line options as the working ones. (the line started with linux under menuentry of each kernel entry).
  2. Try running dracut --no-hostonly --force /boot/initramfs-3.18.3-201.fc21.x86_64.img 3.18.3-201.fc21.x86_64 and try to boot again using kernel 3.18.3-201, and see if it works. There might be a problem with the (hopefully?!) generated initramfs, or it might have not been generated at all?!
  3. Another option is to re-install the latest kernel yum reinstall kernel-3.18.3-201.fc21.x86_64. Maybe the kernel installation was somehow interrupted?!
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I have filed a bug report , no updates from there at this time.

  1. checked my grub.cfg (mine is in /boot/efi/EFI/fedora/grub.cfg) - both are the same.

2. rebuilt initramfs with dracut - initially I thought this had not worked as I had done this step before, however I did not notice the --no-hostonly option. When I retried with this switch, I was able to boot kernel 3.18.3 successfully.

  1. 'yum reinstall' and downloaded and 'yum localinstall' the kernel with no change.

So to reiterate: Step 2 succeeded

snowolfe gravatar imagesnowolfe ( 2015-01-28 18:30:47 -0500 )edit

Happy to hear that. So, there is a bug in dracut. The initramfs generated without using --no-hostonly should work, so, if it doesn't, there is still a bug (and you will have the same problem in future kernel upgrades, because normally dracut is run without --no-hostonly). Please continue with the reported bug until you can successfully boot your new kernel without using --no-hostonly option. Thanks

hedayat gravatar imagehedayat ( 2015-01-29 01:51:45 -0500 )edit

answered 2015-01-28 18:31:54 -0500

snowolfe gravatar image
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This bug was closed as notabug - however, I have recently encountered a regression with kernel 3.18.9-200 and have requested that the bug be reviewed further.

snowolfe gravatar imagesnowolfe ( 2015-03-14 21:50:30 -0500 )edit

I'd suggest you to re-open the bug providing the info requested in comment 11:

hedayat gravatar imagehedayat ( 2015-03-14 22:23:02 -0500 )edit

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