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how do i install fedora 21 along with windows 8.1 on same pc with existing partitions in the hard disk

asked 2015-01-24 02:41:27 -0500

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updated 2015-01-24 11:41:29 -0500

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i have dell laptop with core i5 64 bit processor running windows 8.1. I want to install fedora 21 workstation live image along with windows so that I can use both the operating systems. Please help me out with detailed steps about the installtion procedure.

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Look around the forum. There are dozens of identical Windows/Fedora dual-boot questions. In my opinion, this one is the most complete answer. It talks about installing Windows/Fedora and removing Windows. Do NOT remove Windows. Just follow the instructions for the dual-booting. Also, backup your data before attempting any dual boot setup.

cgonz31 gravatar imagecgonz31 ( 2015-01-24 11:04:58 -0500 )edit

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answered 2015-01-24 08:48:34 -0500

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Any hard drive has the capacity to hold only 4 primary partitions. Fedora needs one partition with ext4 type partitioning atleast 5 GB in / . if you still have space put a /home and also a swap partition. all these can be done in gparted

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