Howto install F21 Workstation via BFO/netinstall?

asked 2015-01-21 06:54:17 -0500

I manage a set of workstations which require (local) network installation. I know that the Server image contains everything that I would need, but when doing my first test install via BFO to generate my initial kickstart, the Software Selection section only lists Base Environment: (x) Fedora Server with Add-Ons for Selected Environment restricted to server-type groups. How do I select the workstation packages from the Server anaconda screens? I'm sure I can select them via a kickstart, but I haven't created my F21 kickstart yet.

Ultimately these installs will be done from the Spacewalk/Katello server, but the first install needs to be done manually to work out the initial selections for the kickstart file. Workstation users will occasionally reinstall via the network and it would be preferable to allow them interactive access to Anaconda to choose their specific install requirements.

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