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is there any replacement for adobe flash

asked 2015-01-17 14:25:29 -0500

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updated 2015-01-17 17:02:58 -0500

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i am looking for replacement for adobe flash and how can i install it

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answered 2015-01-18 13:27:39 -0500

TForsman gravatar image

Currently there are two packages that can replace adobe flash in firefox, your options are Gnash and Lightspark.

Gnash is available in fedora repository.

su -
yum install gnash

Lightspark is available in rpmfusion-free repository. So add rpmfusion-free repository first, then install lightspark. Aldo check out this page for more information about Lightspark:

su -
yum install lightspark
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answered 2015-01-17 16:10:50 -0500

deusdara gravatar image


GNU Gnash is the GNU Flash movie player — Flash is an animation file format pioneered by Macromedia which continues to be supported by their successor company, Adobe. Flash has been extended to include audio and video content, and programs written in ActionScript, an ECMAScript-compatible language. Gnash is based on GameSWF, and supports most SWF v7 features and some SWF v8 and v9.

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answered 2015-01-19 00:06:41 -0500

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updated 2015-01-19 07:11:48 -0500

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answered 2015-01-18 22:51:58 -0500

davidva gravatar image

updated 2015-01-19 10:43:11 -0500

Yes, freshplayerplugin thanks to Rinat Ibragimov, you can use Pepper of Chrome. Exist 2 way about how to install it. Compiling or installing rpm from third party repositories. Is necessary install chromium-pepper-flash or Chrome...

How to compile?


dnf -y install binutils git cmake ragel glib2-devel pulseaudio-libs-develalsa-lib-devel pango-devel xorg-x11-server-devel mesa-libGL-devel mesa-libGLES-devel libconfig-devel libevent-devel freetype cairo-devel gtk2-develuriparser-devel


Clone the source code

git clone

cd freshplayerplugin

Make build subdirectory, go there, call



Put generated into browser plugins directory (~/.mozilla/plugins)

cp -f ~/.mozilla/plugins

image description

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