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problem with kernel 3.17.7-200.fc20.i686, 3.17.6-200.fc20.i686

asked 2014-12-23 07:42:33 -0500

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I run fedora20. Few day back fedora was updated with kernel 3.17.6 and 3.17.7. During the updation, the kernel took long time to update and finally my system crashed. When I restarted from boot menu from same kernel entry I failed to boot giving lots of messages in white fonts. Now I am booting from old kernel boot entry which is 3.17.4-200.fc20 version. I believe people with regular updates may have faced same problem. I will be glad to know from some one how to resolve this problem?

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answered 2014-12-23 07:53:27 -0500

cobra gravatar image

What you need to do is complete the update that failed - it is still missing some of the updates which causes problems.

Boot up with the previous kernel (you have already done this) and run:


with root privileges, and it should find the previously failed update and complete it. This tool has a man page here:

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I booted with previous kernel and issued "yum-complete-transaction" command and I got the following message Loaded plugins: langpacks, refresh-packagekit No unfinished transactions left.

george gravatar imagegeorge ( 2014-12-23 08:10:42 -0500 )edit

That suggests that the transaction was already over when the system crashed. You could try running the update again with yum update, you could also try doing reinstall of the broken kernel with yum reinstall kernel-3.17.7-200.fc20.i686 (or whatever the package is called). You can also continue to run with the previous kernel, updated kernels come along fairly frequently, and the next one may install more cleanly and be available to use.

cobra gravatar imagecobra ( 2014-12-23 08:57:05 -0500 )edit

I tried to reinstall kernel-3.17.7-200.fc20.i686 using yum reinstall command using internet connection. It got the message Loaded plugins: langpacks, refresh-packagekit Installed package kernel-3.17.6-200.fc20.i686 not available. Error: Nothing to do Does it mean that kernel was removed from fc20 repository?

george gravatar imagegeorge ( 2014-12-23 23:18:15 -0500 )edit

@george: I'm not sure, I've never really seen a kernel be removed from the repositories before. You didn't remove a 3rd party repository did you? I've seen one or two that might offer different kernels, so it could explain what you're seeing.

You could try removing the offending kernel from your system with yum remove ... and then running a regular update again. It looks like you have a working system apart from this one kernel.

cobra gravatar imagecobra ( 2014-12-24 03:26:47 -0500 )edit

I removed the kernels and reupdated them and found it not working with panic sync message while booting. Now I am using 3.17.4 version and 6 and 7 version not at all working. Fedora developers take note of this problem while releasing next version of kernel

george gravatar imagegeorge ( 2015-01-04 01:20:21 -0500 )edit

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