Problem when partitioning the hard drive ! [closed]

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I've got a problem when installing CentOs 7, related to partitioning. I chose Manual Partitioning, the partitioning scheme is set on standard. Here is written that I have 2.49 MB of available space and 476.94 of total space. When I'm trying to add a new mount point, for example Swap with 6 GB , the message that I do not have enough space. I tried to set the partition to be set automatically , but here I have the same message, that I don't have enough space available to install CentOs. Can you, please, suggest what can I do ? Thank you in advance.

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Fedora is not CentOS. They are similar in many ways, but the differences are enough that looking for help on a forum specifically dedicated to Fedora isn't the best approach.

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