How to boot a Fedora 20/21 LiveCD iso mounted through NFS and reached via PXE?

asked 2014-12-15 12:08:20 -0500

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updated 2014-12-16 06:26:16 -0500

I want to set up a classroom of read-only thin clients having a Fedora iso mounted in a PXE/NFS server.

ALL guides in Internet fail.

I've achieved it with Ubuntu Desktop iso, but with Fedora it seems impossible. Always I'm stuck in a dracut shell (errors varies depending of initrd I use.)

I'm really desperated. Thanks.

[EDIT] I's not mandatory to use NFS to share the mounted LiveCD iso (well, more specifically, the ext4 image file inside squashfs.img), but it seemed the most common solution (at least in Debian's world).

I only want to have diskless (read-only,but it's optional) thin clients in a similar way K12linux was able to give so years ago.


P.S: I think problem is to choose the right initrd file...I've used the same initrd file from LiveCD -it doesn't recognize nfs-, I've used the inintrd file from the DVD -it recognize nfs but it fails-, I've tried to build a new initrd using dracut (with dracut-network installed) inside a Fedora Live session, etc...all without luck.

P.S2: The only kernel parameter I use in cmdline is: root=nfs:ip:/mountpoint . Adding rootfstype=nfs doesn't do anything special, nor rootflags=subvol=root

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