Can gnome boxes access to hosts os partitions other than usb devices?

asked 2014-12-13 20:14:29 -0500

jallen0927 gravatar image

I'm using Fedora 21 and with gnome boxes installed windows 10 preview. I want to exchange some files between host OS which is Fedora 21 and windows in boxes. Since using USB storage is not so convinient, I want to know if there is method to access Fedora partitions from windows in boxes?

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You could setup a samba server in Fedora to share files with other computers and/or VMs. It's easier than it sounds, just install and use system-config-samba.

Axel Sommerfeldt gravatar imageAxel Sommerfeldt ( 2014-12-14 05:09:13 -0500 )edit