Xorg crashes on some actions (intel+nvidia+bumblebee)

asked 2014-11-18 18:01:11 -0500

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I'm experiencing a weird problem: when some applications are closed, Xorg crashes and I am sent to plymouth, Xorg is reloaded and I have to login again.

Now, although I didn't test this, this may be caused by some recent changes in my nvidia drivers configurations: I upgraded CUDA, switching from the old package, to the new CUDA-6.5 Fedora 20 repository package, provided by nvidia. What I find strange is that, actually, I had bumblebee's nvidia drivers before the update, and I still have the same drivers, same bumblebee-nvidia-340.46 drivers installed. So, I find weird that with the same drivers version I get this crash, but after all, this started happening after nvidia update AND after a system update.

Nevertheless, I'm asking advice about where to find informations about the crash: looking at Xorg.N.log (N=1, 2, 3...), what I see marked as errors (EE) is the last line:

[ 13025.605] (EE) Server terminated successfully (0). Closing log file.

Now, when does this happen? In many occasions, but apparently with a deterministic pattern: when I launch a game emulated on wine, when I close a video that I was watching with totem (maybe this happens also with VLC), when I close the settings dialogs of gnome-shell. Note that, normally, I'm not executing any of these actions using the bumblebee (nvida) drivers, but I'm using the intel drivers

Doesn't happen when I open those applications, or when I watch the dash in gnome-shell. I still have to verify what happens running glxinfo or glxgears, both with and without using the nvidia drivers (I'll report here shortly).

So, where can I look to identify the problem? I can't find nothing relevant also in dmesg.

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