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Fedora 20 unable to boot (*.efi missing?)

asked 2014-10-18 08:10:15 -0500

malice gravatar image

updated 2014-10-18 10:20:07 -0500

Hey there,

sorry to bring this up this topic again but I couldn't find any solution yet.

I have installed Fedora 20 alongside Win8.1 on my Laptop (Sony Vaio Pro 13 SVP1311C5E) as I had done with Fedora 19 before. 19 worked nicely though I had to trick UEFI to boot via grub by renaming the default Windows boot loader, so I did the same after this installation but only to be greeted by an error message:

Secure boot not enabled
System BootOrder not found.  Initializing defaults. 
Reset System

followed by an instant reboot and over again (same for secure mode). First I thought it was related to this report: since it's almost the same model but after a second installation attempt I found that there were no respective files on the efi partition at all (mounted it in windows, /EFI/fedora is empty).

Now I'm kinda stumped, maybe someone has a clue? If there is anything info needed just let me know, I don't really know where to look though.


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Check the output of the following command to see how many boot partition you have

*parted -l*

I guess you have to EFI partition. If it's the case, let me know.

Mehran gravatar imageMehran ( 2014-10-18 11:13:05 -0500 )edit

Yeah you're right, seems like I have the one windows created (/dev/sda2) and the one created by the automatic partitioning during installation (/dev/sda5). I was not aware of that.

malice gravatar imagemalice ( 2014-10-18 11:42:24 -0500 )edit

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answered 2014-10-18 14:24:45 -0500

Mehran gravatar image

updated 2014-10-18 14:27:15 -0500

You need to

  • mount the windows EFI drive by the following command

    sudo mount /dev/sda2 /boot/efi
  • copy the windows efi folder to your desktop (not as root!)

    cp -r /boot/efi /home/'username'/Desktop

    (instead of 'username' type your username)

  • mount the fedora EFI drive again

    sudo mount /dev/sda5 /boot/efi
  • move required files from Desktop/efi folder to /boot/efi/EFI. for example in my case I moved the windows /Desktop/efi/EFI/Boot/bootx64.efi to /boot/efi/EFI/BOOT

    sudo mv /home/'username'/Desktop/efi/EFI/Boot/bootx64.efi /boot/efi/EFI/BOOT/

    you may need to change commands appropriately.

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Hey Mehran, thanks you very much so far, I copied the files as you described, but how do I tell the firmware where to look for them in that different location?

malice gravatar imagemalice ( 2014-10-19 05:32:32 -0500 )edit

Does windows boot option apear in the grub menu?

Mehran gravatar imageMehran ( 2014-10-19 12:05:30 -0500 )edit

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