Copy files to /etc/skel in liveimage, stops it from booting to gui

asked 2014-09-25 04:15:04 -0500

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My logic/thinking says, copying files to /etc/skel should not make the liveimage stopping to boot to GUI at all. However, its just like that.

I have done several builds, and it booted always fine to GUI, as long no files were copied to /etc/skel...

Here's a list of files and folders i want in the skel dir:

✔ ~/prjs/iso-awesome-sea/skel $ find|sort

For one build, i've accidently copied the folder containing/providing these files, and that build booted just fine, because the files were not properly placed.

So it then looked like: /etc/skel/skel within the liveimage.

The task of copy the files is working, the files are in place, 'that is' why it wont boot to GUI directly, however, editing the grubline on the liveimage to boot to init 3, then manualy changing to init 5, works just fine...

Any advice, ideas please?

Thank you in advance

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Seems like something is preventing the liveuser from autologin. What if you only the .config/dconf/user file from /etc/skel. Where are these files being copied from? Another users home directory?

boyd gravatar imageboyd ( 2018-07-17 06:47:54 -0500 )edit