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How do I lock proxy settings for standard user

asked 2014-09-03 08:29:25 -0500

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updated 2014-09-28 11:30:42 -0500

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How do I lock proxy settings for a standard user - I have a squid proxy allowing limited domains for one (standard) user, however do not wish to use the proxy when logged in as the other (administrator) user. What I would really like is a prompt requiring administrator permissions to change the proxy settings.

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answered 2014-09-03 09:34:31 -0500

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The problem is that the user can specify proxy settings in several different places. The two I can think of instantly are in the gconf hive (can be edited through the system settings) and you can specify it in each browser settings.

What you probably want to do is fix your firewall settings on your gateway so that there is no way for that user's computer to talk to the internet - so that they are forced to use the proxy no matter what they change their proxy settings to. That'll be a change to IP Tables to block their outgoing stream by IP address (or by network/mask pair). Be careful you don't block outgoing access for the firewall itself.

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