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How to use Bluetooth networking now when pand is removed in Fedora 20?

asked 2014-08-28 04:58:44 -0500

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updated 2014-09-28 08:50:24 -0500

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Seems like in Fedora 20 there is no longer pand available. Fedora 20 started to use Bluez 5.x and either they are not interested to support Bluetooth networking, or Fedora just ignored the whole functionality (QA?).

How to get Bluetooth networking working now in F20?

no bluez-pand.rpm, no bluez-compat.rpm /sbin/pand used to be in bluez-compat.rpm

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answered 2014-08-28 10:54:02 -0500

FranciscoD_ gravatar image

Hi! Welcome to Ask Fedora! Please take a minute to read the forum guidelines here:

What do you mean by bluetooth networking? Bluetooth tethering to a phone etc.? I don't think it's working at the moment - it wasn't when I tried last. Please file a bug at

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Actually both have stopped working when upgraded from Fedora 19 to Fedora 20. Bluetooth tethering to a phone and bluetooth tethering from a phone. So Fedora PC acting either as a GN/NAP server or as PANU. Even network-manager lets to try a Bluetooth network connection (Fedora as PANU) to an Android device where Bluetooth tethering is enabled, but it fails. But the other way around is what I am missing most. Using Android tablet (PANU) and phone (PANU) at home via using fast Internet on a Fedora PC (NAP).

zimon gravatar imagezimon ( 2014-08-29 05:20:44 -0500 )edit
zimon gravatar imagezimon ( 2014-08-30 05:49:11 -0500 )edit

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