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Should your FAS id and irc nick be the same ?

asked 2014-08-09 19:43:16 -0500

sic gravatar image

As someone who is just trying to start contributing to Fedora, I was just wondering on this point of protocol ? My Freenode Nick and FAS id do not match - does this matter at all ?

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answered 2014-08-10 02:48:51 -0500

NickTux gravatar image

No it doesn't matter. It would be good, in general, if you have the same username at all Fedora services, but it's not mandatory. You can state your IRC nickname at your Fedora wiki User page and at your FAS account too.

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Yes, do make sure that your IRC handle is listed in your FAS profile. That ensures that things you do on IRC will get reflected properly on

randomuser gravatar imagerandomuser ( 2014-08-10 11:41:45 -0500 )edit

answered 2014-08-10 18:55:45 -0500

yselkowitz gravatar image

While not strictly necessary, the one benefit in doing so is that you can more easily monitor the #fedora-fedmsg channel on Freenode; any actions involving your account (git commits, koji/copr build status, awarding of badges, etc.) will get special treatment from your IRC client (coloring of text and/or channel tab, pop-up notification, etc.) due to the mention of your FAS name.

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