How to dual-boot Windows XP and Fedora in same hdd [closed]

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Kindly provide me the detailed procedure(if possible with screen shots) of that since i am new to the installation part,the details of my system is given below,

Processor-core 2 duo RAM-2GB Mother board-Gigabyte HDD-500gb with 5 partition NTFS file system (C,D,E,F,G) Existing OS-winXP in C drive Linux version downloaded :FEDORA 20 latest version with iso file Insatallable in usb drive.

In C drive WIN XP Service pack 2.0 is installed.I have files in D,E,F drives,I instructed the hardware person to make a separate partition for Linux,he made G drive for that with 26GB free space.I wish to install FEDORA 20 in this drive(hope the hardware requirements will be OK) When I loggin with the linux version the HDD seems to have only one partition with 429GB.The partitions are of NTFS systems and are not shown as partitions in FEDORA.I want both OS to be used as per my convenience.Please help me the installation in details with screen shots and steps.

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BTW, windows xp is unsupported.

abadrinath gravatar imageabadrinath ( 2014-07-24 05:52:41 -0500 )edit