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How can one convert mp3 files to ogg using Fedora native apps?

asked 2014-07-20 11:59:01 -0500

Ervin gravatar image

updated 2014-07-21 08:59:09 -0500

mether gravatar image

Is ogg convert the only solution? Because I have tried and after the conversion the quality of the audio file breaks. However using an online service for conversion works fine. Is it due to the lack of codecs? If I had codecs installed I would not need to convert anything to ogg but I pretty much prefer using and promoting free and drm-free audio and video formats which have the same quality and maybe even better than mp3.

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So I can understand you want to use free and DRM-free formats, but I question your sources. Converting from one lossy format to another is going to produce a worse file (because parts left out of one format may not be left out of the other, and vice versa). Better to re-rip from the original source, or leave them as they are.

Maybe the difference is acceptable to you though, but I'm just putting that out there.

QuLogic gravatar imageQuLogic ( 2014-07-22 00:59:38 -0500 )edit

Thanks for the reply, my source would be youtube. Would that be considered a DRM - free format? Firefox has many nice extensions to download youtube videos to mp3 and various video formats (among them webm and ogg theor video) but not to ogg vorbis. However I have found the solution, I download webm videos and convert them to ogg using sound converter.

Ervin gravatar imageErvin ( 2014-11-13 06:34:24 -0500 )edit

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answered 2014-07-20 15:46:41 -0500

NickTux gravatar image

I'm sticking at

...using Fedora native apps?

and answer that,

you can install soundconverter, a simple sound converter application for GNOME. It can convert mp3 to ogg and at high quality. Also it can Resamble the bit rate if you want something else,

and at my case it just works.

image description

image description

I don't really think you want extra codecs, for this purpose,

though I have installed them.

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If you can read MP3, it means that you have an MP3 decoder installed! Therefore, there is "NO WAY" to convert an MP3 file to another format using only packages from Fedora official repositories.

(If it was possible, then it was also possible to play MP3 files without extra codecs: an application could convert MP3 to ogg on the fly and play it at the same time! In another words, you could read MP3 convert it to a format recognized by the sound card and send the data to it!).

If you uninstall all extra codecs, soundconverter would be unable to decode MP3 files to convert them.

hedayat gravatar imagehedayat ( 2014-07-20 16:43:30 -0500 )edit

Yes, probably you have right. MP3 of course could not be included in Fedora by default, because of the license. Though I don't know if this converter, has mp3 support via gstreamer free plugin, it didn't pulled any dependencies when I installed it, but as I said I have already installed multimedia codecs. However, soundconverter is a native Fedora app, included at the Official repository :)

NickTux gravatar imageNickTux ( 2014-07-20 20:03:46 -0500 )edit

Thank you Nik. Good answer.

Ervin gravatar imageErvin ( 2014-07-21 02:16:42 -0500 )edit

@Ervin, if you found the answer helpful upvote it. If the answer resolved your problem/query, then mark it as the correct one. The same applies for any answer. Thanks.

NickTux gravatar imageNickTux ( 2014-07-21 02:26:11 -0500 )edit

Note that it requires gstreamer-plugins-ugly from rpmfusion-free.

rsw0x gravatar imagersw0x ( 2014-10-20 22:45:31 -0500 )edit

answered 2015-01-13 10:09:42 -0500

aurelius gravatar image


if you are familiar with the command line the probably best tool to to so is the command line converter ffmpeg which is installable with yum. You can start the basic conversion like that:

ffmpeg -i test.ogg -ab 128k -map_metadata 0:s:0 output.mp3

Alternatively (if you have only few files) you can check out this to convert them online... also works pretty nicely...

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answered 2014-07-20 13:46:32 -0500

hedayat gravatar image

You need MP3 codec if you want to convert it to other formats, including OGG (But if you can get some playable OGG as a result, you should already have some codecs installed). You can install converter applications/libraries fro RPMFusion. Tools such as ffmpeg can be used for the conversion.

However, converting from one lossy compression format to another will either reduce the quality of the sound (maybe very slightly), or at best, it will remain the same. And about the quality, AFAIK actually MP3 is not very high quality compared to other modern lossy formats, including OGG (certainly, the compression parameters such as bitrate should be almost identical).

If the quality of converted OGG files is not good, it is probably because of bad converter software, not the format itself. Also, if you have access to lossless copy of that file, it is better to convert from that to OGG rather than converting from MP3.

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Yep that's definitely the case.

Ervin gravatar imageErvin ( 2014-07-21 02:16:52 -0500 )edit

answered 2017-03-23 01:28:15 -0500

This best OGG to MP3 converter - Avdshare Audio Converter can help to solve batch Convert OGG Audio to MP3 or Convert MP3 to OGG

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answered 2015-05-22 05:21:18 -0500

You may also try iDealshare VideoGo to convert MP3 to OGG or convert OGG to MP3

In fact, it can convert among MP3, OGG, FLAC, WAV, AIFF, AAC, DTS, AC3, WMA, M4A, etc

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answered 2014-07-27 13:35:36 -0500

sergiomb gravatar image

you also have: audio-convert-mod

yum install  audio-convert-mod
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answered 2018-08-02 07:16:04 -0500


My Name Is Bhagirath and I am Convert Ogg to Mp3 Using Best Online Site.

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answered 2015-07-19 10:37:08 -0500

Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate is a suitable choice for MP3 to OGG conversion. It is simple to use and features fast conversion speed. Plus, for space-saving consideration, you can also compress your mp3 to small size with this tool.

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answered 2015-09-08 03:32:33 -0500

I recommend this free OGG converter which enables you to convert almost all video and audio files to a wide range of mainstream formats. You'll like it.

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