Unable to get to Fedora17 OS [closed]

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I have been facing this problem while trying to install Fedora17 on WIndows XP laptop through VirtualBox 4.3. For the first time, I could install and run VB4.3 on windows XP ytem. Then using Fedora 17 i386 iso file I could go through the installation process, as shown in http://www.wikihow.com/Install-Fedora-17-in-Virtualbox . Finally after the congratulation screen, it asked for Boot.

Thereafter it show only the Intall Fedora menu and Troubleshooting. It doe not take me anywhere to the OS/ window screen. Just again and again Intall ! Can anyone help me on that.


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Both Fedora 17 and Windows XP have reached EOL (End Of Life). Please, use a supported operating system and as here we are Ask Fedora, use a supported Fedora version. Currently 2 versions are supported 19 and 20. Read here for more information. Thank you.

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