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Anaconda: Trouble reinstalling over root partition

asked 2014-06-20 17:06:50 -0500

chickendude gravatar image

updated 2014-09-12 19:04:59 -0500

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I'm trying to reinstall Fedora 20 over my existing partition leaving my home partition intact. When i go to the custom partition screen and delete my existing root partition (51.2 GB) it doesn't change the free space available, it still says i only have 1.68 MB. The same when i remove my swap space. Removing the boot partition frees up 500 MB, but the 50 GB from the root partition seem to have just disappeared. If i delete everything it shows that it's all free, though.

How can i do this without having to erase my home partition, too?

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1 Answer

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answered 2014-06-20 17:23:44 -0500

sideburns gravatar image

Unless you're planning on changing the size of your root partition, don't delete it. Just select it, tell Anaconda to mount it at / and have it reformatted. Then, select the partition with /home on it, give it the right mount point but tell Anaconda not to reformat it. In general, you don't need to delete partitions and recreate them; just put them where you want them and have them formatted or not as fits your needs.

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Thanks, that makes more sense. Should i do the same with my boot partition (set the proper mount point)? EDIT: Ok, it installed fine and after an update everything is working again, thanks for the help!

chickendude gravatar imagechickendude ( 2014-06-20 17:48:39 -0500 )edit

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