Google chrome with "Ok Google" to start a voice search not working

asked 2014-06-16 13:33:23 -0500

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updated 2014-09-28 18:43:58 -0500

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Only few days ago, my laptop was working fine with the "Ok Google" to start a voice search in Google chrome homepage. Now though, whenever the homepage opens, it says there is problem listening, and offers a suggestion of restart listening. However, it doesn't work.

I hope I have not removed one of the required dependencies.

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What has changed since it was working and now? Have you installed any additional applications? Was Google Chrome updated? Is SELinux giving you any errors? When you open up Google Chrome, does dmesg show anything relevant?

vuarnet gravatar imagevuarnet ( 2014-06-20 08:54:14 -0500 )edit