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Fedora and ubuntu installed in my pc but i want to create a swap partition for fedora

asked 2014-05-07 01:43:00 -0500

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fedora stuck after boot. I tested that by text boot and i noticed there is something with Host. i don't know Linux too much. someone told me swap partition can solve this issue. problem is I've installed Ubuntu and fedora in my PC. so how can i create extra swap partition for fedora?

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answered 2014-05-07 05:29:30 -0500

anishjp gravatar image

If you used default installation wizard (without using manual partitioning wizard) while installing fedora, then it has already created a swap partition with enough space size. Your booting issue might be due to something else. Does it show any errror? or does it just hangs while filling up the fedora balloon? Update your question with details like fedora version, RAM

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