problem in finding GAMBAS GUI

asked 2014-04-30 09:02:15 -0500

SDas gravatar image

I have installed GAMBAS using this command - yum install gambas* everything installed but I am not getting the GUI interface.

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Did you try logging out and logging back in again (or restarting the computer)? Sometimes I've had to do that before Gambas shows up in the application menu/gnome shell applications list. If that doesn't work, what happens when you enter gambas3 in a terminal?

holmja gravatar imageholmja ( 2014-04-30 09:11:08 -0500 )edit

It worked when I enter gambas3 in terminal. So thank of you

SDas gravatar imageSDas ( 2014-05-05 08:49:06 -0500 )edit