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How to bridge Windows with Fedora 17 running on VMWare

asked 2014-04-22 22:55:51 -0500

waelt gravatar image

updated 2015-06-02 03:43:20 -0500

I'm trying to create a bridge between the host computer (Windows) and the VM Image (Fedora 17) What steps shall I follow ? and I have two interfaces on the host machine (WiFi and Ethernet) Please help get through this ....

Thanks a lot

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Can you be more explicit on what you mean ? VMware provides several ways for networking (NAT, bridge, ..) which use depends on your network topology and purpose of the VM and VM use. For most cases, (e.g. a workstation in guest VM), I use the NAT mode. What release of VMware are you using ?

tonioc gravatar imagetonioc ( 2014-04-23 01:41:10 -0500 )edit

I'm running VMWare workstation 10, and I need the bridge not to have an internet connection. I need to configure bridge connection between the vm and windows, I'm working on Snort IDS and I need to have bridge connection in order to run Snort as an IPS ...

waelt gravatar imagewaelt ( 2014-04-23 08:52:20 -0500 )edit

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answered 2014-04-23 03:52:13 -0500

cobra gravatar image

Assuming you just want access to the network, then in my configuration (Fedora 20 running in a VM on Windwos 7), I use the 'bridged' option - but you can use any.

Open the virtual machine settings, and on the hardware tab, select 'network adapter', tick the 'Connected' and 'Connect at power on' boxes if you can, then select 'Bridged' from the list.

Save the settings out and boot up the VM.

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If I understood the need (private connection between host and guest), the bridged mode doesn't seem to be the best. I would merely use the vmnet1 "host only" network for the network adapter. Depending on guest network configuration tha dhcp may be used or not on this network to provide an address, or static configuration may be used also.

tonioc gravatar imagetonioc ( 2014-04-25 07:21:14 -0500 )edit

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