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Cannot maximize windows in Gnome 3.10

asked 2014-04-14 21:59:52 -0500

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I cannot maximize windows when working in Gnome 3.10 on my laptop display. This is not a problem with the display that I plug into my laptop. When I try to maximize a window, it fills the screen vertically, but not horizontally, leaving a bar that shows my wallpaper on the left side of the screen. My machine is a Thinkpad X220 with intel drivers.

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answered 2015-06-04 09:51:13 -0500

Not sure if you are in the same situation I am, but my setup was two monitors above a laptop and I encountered a similar issue. Diagram:

[__1__] [__2__]


What would happen is the laptop display handled window maximization properly, but displays 1 and 2 would only vertically maximize to their left and right halves respectively. Windows would also refuse to move into the right half of 1 or the left half of 2. The issue was resolved by going into system settings>screen display and dragging the display bar (the black bar with the time and date on it) from the laptop display to one of the external monitors (yes, I know, seriously).

Additional note about gnome display settings potentially useful for those googling in the future:

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