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Viber on Fedora

asked 2014-04-14 04:37:59 -0500

The Viber website has a debian package available for download. I tried alien to convert it but there are missing dependencies and I was wondering whether someone knows a better way to get it installed?

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answered 2014-04-14 05:15:33 -0500

marcindulak gravatar image

Never install RPM packages created by alien - they usually have wrong ownership of directories. See . Viber extracted from the deb core dumps for me on Fedora 20 x86_64, as unprivileged user:

mkdir /tmp/viber
cd /tmp/viber
su -c "yum -y install wget"
ar p viber.deb data.tar.gz | tar zx
sh /tmp/viber/usr/share/viber/

but seems starting properly on Fedora 19 x86_64. Please confirm that and report this fact to . For a permanent installation use e.g. $HOME/viber instead of /tmp/viber.

The fact of missing version and release in the viber package does not give a good first impression about the quality of that software.

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That worked for me on FC20. Thanks. I've heard bad things about alien - thanks for explaining the problem.

jcuenod gravatar imagejcuenod ( 2014-04-14 06:28:36 -0500 )edit

That worked! Thanks.. :)

Shrey gravatar imageShrey ( 2014-06-15 10:34:01 -0500 )edit

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