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How can i convert free space into unallocated space?

asked 2014-04-07 03:14:22 -0500

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updated 2014-04-07 07:24:56 -0500

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i am trying to install fedora alongside windows 7. but i dont have unallocated space but i have fee space of around 50 gb. anything i do like shrink or delete any volume, that memory becomes free space but not unallocated.

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answered 2014-04-07 04:23:10 -0500

cobra gravatar image

You can resize your partitions in Windwos 7. Press you start button, right-click 'Computer' and select 'Manage'. OK your way through any elevation prompts and in the 'Computer Management' tool that eventually appears, select Storage->Disk Management.

This will show you the partitions you have on the computer. Don't touch any that are marked as 'system' as they're likely to be recovery partitions, but right-click on the lettered ones - there should be an option to 'Shrink volume' which is what you'll need to use.

Standard warnings apply, though - don't resize your hard disk partitions without first ensuring you have a backup of your data - and check that your data can be read and restored before playing with live filesystems. All risks are your own here.

I don't recommend you do any of this - personally, I'd get a new hard disk and install stuff on that.

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answered 2014-04-09 21:09:23 -0500

joshuar gravatar image

The Fedora installer will be able to handle shrinking your Windows file systems to install itself for you. Boot the Fedora installation medium and on the Installation Summary screen, choose the Installation Destination item. Next, select your disk with the Windows 7 install on it and click Done. You'll be shown an "Installation Options" dialog, click the Reclaim Space button. On the "Reclaim Space" dialog that is shown, click on your Windows partition and then the Shrink button. Use the slider to adjust the amount of space occupied by Windows, which will free up space for Fedora to use.

The same warnings apply as per cobra's answer, ensure you have backups if the resizing fails for some reason.

Also, refer to Section 9.11., Storage and partitioning of the Installation Guide for more details about partitioning and reclaiming space used by other operating system installs.

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answered 2014-04-09 13:26:38 -0500

mohanprakash gravatar image

If you are partitioning from a windows media, you may simply delete a partition. I suppose it should work.

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answered 2014-04-10 16:45:39 -0500

NPoulin02 gravatar image

Just delete the free space partition. It should become unallocated.

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