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As you may know, there is a game called UnEpic (I have a Steam version of it). It is an RPG game. When you level up, you gain points which can be spent on upgrading your characteristics. When you press a "+" button near a characteristic, the point is permanently spent. There is also an artifact in the game, the one that allows you to respec. And yes, you've guessed right - there is only one artifact and it disappears when used. Unfortunately, I've already used it and messed up my character build by accidentally holding down the button on my gamepad. Now it's impossible to survive - I've made myself a piece of... I do not want to start the game from scratch - I've already spent 19 hours playing. Now there's only one way to continue - cheating. I just need more points, but I can't kill anyone to get XP. The game has a very angry anticheat mechanism, but some guys from CheatEngine forums managed to make a working hack. Unfortunately, it doesn't work on the current version (1.46.9). Are there any cheats, hacks or save editors for this game that are compatible with v1.46.9 and actually work? I don't want to pay about 96 dollars on cheathappens to get the lifetime access and download their trainer - and I can't be sure it'll work anyway! If anyone knows the solution to this problem that doesn't include spending money or starting a new game, please tell me. This is a truly epic game and I want to finish it.

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