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virtualbox kmod fails on 3.14-vanilla

asked 2014-03-30 07:29:53 -0500

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dkms fails and compiling without dkms indicates a null pointed Kernel Directory even after exporting the proper dir ...

any hep?

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answered 2014-03-30 12:17:13 -0500

Glenn gravatar image

If the VirtualBox you installed is from the official Fedora repositories I would suggest removing that and installing the rpm from the Oracle download site. The rpm along with gcc, kernel-develand optionally dkms works flawlessly for me, and has done so for quite a long while. For me, installing VirtualBox from the official Fedora repositories has been nothing short of a disaster, time and time again.

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if you mean and the instructions there I've done that as well as the fedora rpms and both build the app fine (as in VMM launches fine) however both ways result in a vboxdrv not configured or not properly done so and recommend '/etc/init/d/vboxdrv setup' which in turn kicks a dkms compile error and w/o dkms indicates a 'couldn't find kernel sources' and that KERN_DIR=$ () is invalid even export the proper KERN_DIR (or what i believe is the correct one {/boot/kernel} return the same loop of errors

linuxmodder gravatar imagelinuxmodder ( 2014-03-30 19:52:08 -0500 )edit

thanks to the comment I loved a little deeper and found that my gcc and make were not using same versions, However now i get a User_NOT_ROOT error and crash and my username IS included in vboxusers

linuxmodder gravatar imagelinuxmodder ( 2014-03-30 21:02:52 -0500 )edit

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