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Skype install 64-bit Fedora 20

asked 2014-03-26 11:56:53 -0500

robirobi gravatar image

updated 2014-06-26 23:11:35 -0500

FranciscoD_ gravatar image

No matter how I install it, skype- or skype-, Skype gives me the same error when I try to launch it: Segmentation fault (core dumped) It seems other people have no issues running Skype on Fedora 20. How can I make it work?

EDIT: Moved error log to fpaste:

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5 Answers

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answered 2014-03-27 06:55:27 -0500

TenaliRaman gravatar image

updated 2014-03-27 08:04:44 -0500

Hi, Are you sure you installed the 32 bit packages? The reason I am asking is because in your error message I see a lot of access to /usr/lib64 which is strange.

These are the steps I did on my system:

yum install alsa-lib.i686 fontconfig.i686 freetype.i686 glib2.i686 libSM.i686 libXScrnSaver.i686 libXi.i686 libXrandr.i686 libXrender.i686 libXv.i686 libstdc++.i686 pulseaudio-libs.i686 qt.i686 qt-x11.i686 zlib.i686 qtwebkit.i686

Downloaded skype rpm from skype website which is for Fedora 16 32 bit. Followed this by,

yum install ./skype-

I had some issues like, I was getting the following error: skype: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: _ZNK14QWidgetPrivate17hasHeightForWidthEv

However, when I did

ldd /usr/lib/

I figured that some old qt libraries (4.7.*) were lying around which were being pointed to. As soon as I removed them, skype started working without issues.

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answered 2014-06-26 23:13:29 -0500

FranciscoD_ gravatar image
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answered 2014-06-26 02:00:54 -0500

cristis53 gravatar image
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answered 2014-03-26 19:28:31 -0500

deusdara gravatar image

updated 2014-06-26 12:45:43 -0500


How about install Skype through that thread

Install Skype 4.2/4.0 on Fedora 20/19, CentOS/RHEL/SL 6.5


Adding Community repository

Russian Fedora Free Repository:

yum -y localinstall -y 

Russian Fedora NonFree Repository:

yum -y localinstall -y

Then install skype

yum -y install skype

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Same error and it seems I'm not alone.

robirobi gravatar imagerobirobi ( 2014-03-26 20:12:05 -0500 )edit

Please do not paste such long error messages to the forum. It makes it very difficult to read the question. Please upload it in a file somewhere else. I've thrown it all onto fpaste for the time being.

FranciscoD_ gravatar imageFranciscoD_ ( 2014-06-26 23:07:27 -0500 )edit

Thanks! works without any issues.

Swadhin gravatar imageSwadhin ( 2014-10-02 03:54:47 -0500 )edit

answered 2014-03-26 13:02:51 -0500

Marc lml gravatar image

You can install Skype with Fedy (this was Fedorautils).

Install Fedy and then install Skype.

su -c "curl -o fedy-installer && chmod +x fedy-installer && ./fedy-installer"

fedy --exec skype_linux

With fedy --exec list you can see all available commands.

Instead of using the command line, you can also use the GUI for Fedy.

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Will that address the error message?

robirobi gravatar imagerobirobi ( 2014-03-26 14:31:54 -0500 )edit

Not directly, but it will install the prerequisites as well.

Marc lml gravatar imageMarc lml ( 2014-03-26 15:44:15 -0500 )edit

OK, tried and getting the same error: Segmentation fault (core dumped)

robirobi gravatar imagerobirobi ( 2014-03-26 20:32:59 -0500 )edit

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