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Job queueing system

asked 2014-03-13 17:57:22 -0500

alfC gravatar image

I have a desktop computer and I run regularly MPI simulations (running across multiple cores) that run for several hours. I would like to "submit" these jobs one at a time and when one finishes another in the queue starts. Some computer clusters use this technique.

Can you recommend a queueing system that allows to submit jobs that will run in sequence or even taking advantage of unused cores and that works with minimal configuration in Fedora 20?

(Even better one that dynamically modifies the priority of the current running job when the computer is in interactive use).

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answered 2014-03-14 02:49:22 -0500

marcindulak gravatar image

torque/pbs - see . Let us know if the instructions work.

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I'd also recommend Torque with Maui which I've deployed in a previous job for a small 32 node blade-based cluster. I believe Maui can be customised to support both the kind of scheduling policies you've listed.

joshuar gravatar imagejoshuar ( 2014-03-14 04:16:52 -0500 )edit

Maui is no longer developed - avoid it on a such simple system. If you are interested anyway in a simple torque/maui integration - see . The instructions are for RHEL5, but the configuration files/steps should be transferable. Torque/maui setup can be tricky (it's really dependent on the versions of these two components)

marcindulak gravatar imagemarcindulak ( 2014-03-14 05:36:09 -0500 )edit

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