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sound output on rear panel even though headphone is plugged in front (pulseaudio)

asked 2014-03-11 09:55:44 -0500

Felix Schwarz gravatar image

Is there a way to have separate audio devices for my front/rear panel in pulseaudio? I have two jacks (front/rear) and every time I plug in my headphone into the front jack sound output to the rear jack is routed to the front panel. So that works fine enough but sometimes I want to route sound back to to the rear.

As far as I understand I need to somehow configure pulseaudio so that I have two separate devices. I saw a recipe in the arch wiki but it didn't work out. Afterwards I see a new "headphone" device but it works exactly like the "internal audio" one (no headphone: sound in the rear, with headphone sound output via front jack). Also I see two "remapped internal audio" devices (not a real problem but doesn't look nice).

  • Did anyone configure a Fedora system to split front/rear audio?
  • Maybe I put the two "load-module module-remap-sink" lines in the wrong place (within /etc/pulse/ I put them before "load-module module-default-device-restore".
  • I could also live a workaround that the rear output is not muted even though something is plugged in the front (= sound output for both).
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answered 2014-03-12 02:13:59 -0500

Ahmad Samir gravatar image

I don't use pulseaudio and so don't have a lot of experience with it; so that third option - not mute the sound when the front jack is plugged - is controlled by toggling the Auto-Mute "channel" for you sound card (personally I use that option). You can do so using alsamixer from terminal (or whatever sound mixer you like).

Run alsamixer from terminal and note that you might need to press F6 and select your actual sound card because when pulseaudio is running, starting alsamixer with no command line arguments will just show the "PulseAudio" single channel. Or start it like this:

alsamixer -c0

(the number in -c0 can be incremented, i.e. 0 is the first sound card, 1 is the second... etc).

You can mute your headphones by muting its channel in alsamixer (or any other sound mixer).

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