Unable to boot in Fedora 20

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I have a very old Dell Dimension 3000 computer. It has an old BIOS. It can boot Fedora 18 and Fedora 19, but if I boot the live version of Fedora 20, I get a screen of some unreadable, green text that just barely looks like letters. I don't know why this happens. Is this a bug? Is there a work-around for this? What do I have to do to use Fedora 20 on my computer?

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Please stop using hash in front of tags. I have removed them

mether gravatar imagemether ( 2014-03-08 22:44:49 -0500 )edit

Mind giving us the configuration of ur old Dell Dimension 3000 computer?

anishjp gravatar imageanishjp ( 2014-03-09 03:20:57 -0500 )edit