Error upgrading from fc18 to fc19

asked 2014-03-04 16:46:37 -0500

updated 2014-03-04 23:12:10 -0500

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I have a Fedora 18 installed on a dell xps 13 and I'm trying to upgrade to fc19. I have installed fedora-upgrade, but when I run it, it gives the following error:

Running Transaction Check
Running Transaction Test

Transaction Check Error:
  file /etc/dmlite.conf conflicts between attempted installs of dmlite-libs-0.6.1-2.fc19.i686 and dmlite-libs-0.6.1-2.fc19.x86_64

Error Summary

I tried removing dmlite-libs, but it is already uninstalled. I have no idea why it is trying to install both x86_64 and i686. How can I solve this problem?

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mether gravatar imagemether ( 2014-03-04 23:12:34 -0500 )edit

This looks like a packaging bug conf files shouldn't be in a -libs package IIUC.

If dmlite-libs isn't installed then something is pulling it as a dependency; Could you post the whole log to a pastebin e.g. ?

Ahmad Samir gravatar imageAhmad Samir ( 2014-03-05 01:15:41 -0500 )edit

Seems like you have both i686 and x86_64 versions of dmlite-libs installed. Execute rpm -qa dmlite-libs* to confirm it and (maybe) remove the i686 version (rpm -e full_package_name).

fidelleon gravatar imagefidelleon ( 2014-03-29 14:11:13 -0500 )edit