Error use CentOS in VM [closed]

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When I install CentOS in a VM Box Machine appear

Falha ao abrir o arquivo de disco ótico /home/vitor/Downloads/CentOS-6.5-i386-bin-DVD1.iso.

Could not get the storage format of the medium '/home/vitor/Downloads/CentOS-6.5-i386-bin-DVD1.iso' (VERR_NOT_SUPPORTED).

Código de Resultado: VBOX_E_IPRT_ERROR (0x80BB0005) Componente: Medium Interface: IMedium {05f2bbb6-a3a6-4fb9-9b49-6d0dda7142ac} Chamador: IVirtualBox {fafa4e17-1ee2-4905-a10e-fe7c18bf5554} RC do Chamador: VBOX_E_OBJECT_NOT_FOUND (0x80BB0001)

And Now?

enter image description here

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Have you tried to google the error? Probably a broken iso.

marcindulak gravatar imagemarcindulak ( 2014-02-28 14:34:57 -0500 )edit

Yes, I have tried

Vitor Mazuco gravatar imageVitor Mazuco ( 2014-03-01 08:38:43 -0500 )edit

So it's not a corrupted iso?

marcindulak gravatar imagemarcindulak ( 2014-03-01 09:33:48 -0500 )edit

No, but do you know where url iso can I make download?

Vitor Mazuco gravatar imageVitor Mazuco ( 2014-03-01 11:35:33 -0500 )edit

After you downloaded the iso verify it's correctness with md5sum *.iso against the md5sum value given in the centos repository (file md5sum.txt)

marcindulak gravatar imagemarcindulak ( 2014-03-01 12:34:34 -0500 )edit