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Fedora Live CD blank screen on VirtualBox 4.3.6

asked 2014-02-17 15:44:00 -0500

adamjedgar gravatar image

updated 2014-02-17 16:38:18 -0500

mether gravatar image

hi guys, i am new to the Linux systems I have been trying a few linux OS (Ubuntu and Centos) and now am interested in Fedora. I have spent some time learning Ubuntu and found setting up an Ubuntu Desktop Edition LAMP web server on static IP address relatively easy. I use it for testing websites online before moving them over to commercial web servers. I notice that Centos and Fedora seem to be used a lot on production web servers i decided to learn how to use them both. However, to be honest i found Centos Wiki documentation very poor, difficult to follow, repositories missing, all in all, just a pain for a newbie to understand (Ubuntu, however, is great in this area). Now I am here and would like to learn how to use fedora as i feel Centos is a complete waste of time until i understand more about linux in general.

I downloaded the Fedora default Live CD from main Fedora page...however when i set the contoller IDE [CD/DVD] Host Drive: to Fedora-Live-Desktop.iso (I use MagicISO Virtual CD/DVD manager), VM VirtualBox simply displays a blank screen (even though it says that Fedora is running).

What am I doing wrong? Ihavent encountered this error with either Ubuntu or Centos using same install method

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2 Answers

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answered 2014-02-17 17:32:19 -0500

Glenn gravatar image

You need to specifically choose 64 Bit when setting up the virtual system. Under "Name and Operating System" when you first start configuring a new machine, the bottom dropdown is where you make that selection.

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answered 2014-02-17 16:04:34 -0500

adamjedgar gravatar image

hmmm thats strange...i swapped over to the 32 bit version and the boot to install works no problem. Is there an issue with the 64 bit version on VMVirtualbox 4.3.6?

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