Hibernation Problem acpi: error installing cmos-rtc region handler

asked 2014-01-17 20:15:02 -0500

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I am another newbie to Fedora and linux. I have used ubuntu, Linux Mint, and other distros for some time, but I am definitely not a linux power user. I am familiar with using terminal and all that, but not really familiar with scripts.

I am using a HP Compaq 8510w Laptop. This laptop uses a Quadro FX 570m GPU. I am using Fedora20. I have tried all the previously mentioned distos on it and keep having restart, suspend, hibernation, and shutdown issues. Usually most of these result with a black screen and a non-responsive computer.

I went through the appropriate messages to install the Nvidia drivers and blacklist nouveu drivers. This seem to fix my restart(reboot) issues. I still had suspend issues, so I used a script from the ubuntu forums which seems to fix my suspend issues. The script basically restarts the GPU on suspend or hibernate and is stored under sleep.d.

My problem now is that hibernate is not working correctly. When I use pm-hibernate, it starts the hibernation process, then posts: acpi: error installing cmos-rtc region handler. The screen then flashes, and the computer shuts down. Then when I push the power button, the computer goes through the entire boot process, to include grub, then posts -acpi: error installing cmos-rtc region handler- again. Then the screen goes black, the computer stays on, but becomes unresponsive. I have to use a hard-shutdown and then it will have a fresh reboot.

Basically I want to get this laptop running flawlessly and I actually like using hibernate often. I am not sure what logs would be helpful with this, but anything I can post, let me know. Thanks for any help in advance.

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