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remote printer not communicating

asked 2013-12-17 08:09:52 -0500

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updated 2014-04-11 16:34:17 -0500

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Good morning. I'm using Fedora 19 on my Latitude laptop.

I have a Canon wireless printer upstairs, IP It's a stand alone printer.

I can ping the printer from the laptop.

On my laptop, how do I add the printer? Various attempts using system-config-printer all fail.

If I enter URI as ipp:// , then enter printer driver details, then click Print Test Page, it goes up to 24% then shows "printer not responding".

Same result with ipp://

If I use Add Network printer, Find Network Printer, I enter as host, hit Find, but get No Printer was found at that address.

If I use Add Network printer, choose IPP, enter ipp://, configure printer driver, hit Print Test Page, I again see job go up to 24%, then "printer not responding".

I'm just guessing what to choose (https, ipp, ipps, uri, lpd, etc.) as I find no documentation on exactly how to do this. For example, the Add Printer app shows format for ipp as ipp://cups-server/printers/printerqueue - but I only have an IP to work with.

I've been trying for about three weeks. I'd greatly appreciate someone actually talking me through the process.

Note that I added the printer without problem on my Windows 7 desktop, using the address. The printer (Canon MP160) gets its IP through a StarTech wired print server device. I can print w/o problem if I plug the printer directly into the Fedora 19 laptop.

Thanks. Tom

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answered 2016-03-18 18:31:58 -0500

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SInce you can use it directly from Linux, that implicates the StarTech wired print server. Is the document here relevant? Another possibility is to host the printer from Linux and configure Windows to access it that way.


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