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How to run 32bit programs on 64bit Fedora

asked 2013-12-05 09:01:37 -0500

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I am thinking about moving from Archlinux to Fedora. I play steam games quite a lot but I want to have 64bit system. My question is how Fedora solves task of running 32b apps on 64b linux. Is there analog 32bit package for every 64bit package? Are there many of such packages or is Fedora lacking in this topic?

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answered 2013-12-05 09:12:31 -0500

updated 2013-12-05 09:13:39 -0500

You can specify the architecture of the package whit yum install package.i686 if you are going to install it from repositories. Anyway, the dependencies that yum will install keep being x86_64. Any 32bit binary should run fine in your system, since it must be compatible whit 64bit architectures.

This obviously this won't work whit noarch packages.

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answered 2016-12-11 15:58:46 -0500

I want to run a 5 year old 32-bit binary in F25, not "install" it. There is no available 64 bit version of it anywhere I've ever been able to find. The old app lives in a directory in /usr/local/. How can I install whatever support F25 needs to run it? In openSUSE, all I need is a small handfull of -32bit packages to do the same. I tried to install one of the i686 libs I know that binary needs (e.g. pango, and its 43 deps), but dnf tries to remove (6) apparently unrelated packages that make no sense to me.

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