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Install on 4k HD - partitioning?

asked 2013-11-20 12:09:33 -0500

Hoser Rob gravatar image

updated 2014-05-11 14:01:08 -0500

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I'm getting close to installing Fedora 19 KDE on my netbook running single boot Kubuntu.

Right now it's swap, then /, then /home partitions. Since it has a 4096-byte HD, I had to partition it largely by hand (dividing the 1st sector by 8) because the partitioning tools on the kubuntu install iso don't support 4k alignment.

However, I think the / partition is too big and would like to change the current start sectors.

Does the partition tool that comes with the fedora 19 kde live install support 4k drive alignment? The actual image file is Fedora-Live-KDE-i686-19-1.iso

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answered 2013-11-22 02:01:30 -0500

lzap gravatar image

As far as I know, parted which ships with Fedora has an align option that does this automatically. Example blog post:

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