Backup iPhone 4.x in Fedora 19

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From my search (see also

I expected libimobiledevice 1.1.1 or later version to allow me to backup the iPhone to Directory. However this is not my case.

I looked around quite a bit but are not able to resolve the issue.

I hope someone can point a way out. Thanks in advance!

Kind regards Fred

  1. Problem

The following terminal output shows my problem:

[root@localhost foosterh]# idevicebackup -u 191171b6b25d99075b9b4da4faf587d043143987 backup /home/foosterh/Dropbox/iPhone

Backup directory is "/home/foosterh/Dropbox/iPhone"

Started "" service on port 49697.

Starting backup...

Creating Info.plist for new backup.

Requesting backup from device...

ERROR: Could not start backup process: device refused to start the backup process.

[root@localhost foosterh]#

  1. Observation.

While the idevicebackup runs I look at the iPhone and see that it shortly displays "Sincronizzazione in corso" which translates to "Synchronisation going on"; less than a second later the iPhone screen turns back to it's home page and the quoted idevicebackup error message is produced on the terminal screen.

  1. I have installed/updated


ifuse.x86_64 0:1.1.2-7.fc19



iPhone info

[root@localhost foosterh]# ideviceinfo

ActivationPublicKey: LS0tLS1CRUdJTiBSU0Eg < snip >

ActivationState: WildcardActivated

ActivationStateAcknowledged: true

BasebandBootloaderVersion: 5.8_M3S2

BasebandVersion: 05.15.04

BluetoothAddress: 00:21:e9:4a:c7:2b

BuildVersion: 8C148

CPUArchitecture: armv6

CallsInProgress: false

DeviceCertificate: LS0tLS1CRUdJTiBDRV <snip>

DeviceClass: iPhone

DeviceColor: black

DeviceName: iPhone di foosterh

DevicePublicKey: LS0tLS1CRUdJTiBSU0E < snip>

DieID: 504513765216

FirmwareVersion: iBoot-931.71.16

HardwareModel: N82AP

HostAttached: true

IMLockdownEverRegisteredKey: false

IntegratedCircuitCardIdentity: 8939992312015913437

InternationalMobileEquipmentIdentity: 011613002973904

InternationalMobileSubscriberIdentity: 222998005352628

MLBSerialNumber: J58281ML2YEUC

MobileSubscriberCountryCode: 222

MobileSubscriberNetworkCode: 99

ModelNumber: MB496

PartitionType: GUID_partition_scheme

PasswordProtected: false

ProductType: iPhone1,2

ProductVersion: 4.2.1

ProductionSOC: true

ProtocolVersion: 2

RegionInfo: T/A

SBLockdownEverRegisteredKey: true


IOSDIOManufacturerID: 735

IOSDIOProductID: 37123


SIMStatus: kCTSIMSupportSIMStatusReady

SerialNumber: 868280RHY7K



0: 1

TimeIntervalSince1970: 1384255586

TimeZone: Europe/Rome

TimeZoneOffsetFromUTC: 3600.000000

TrustedHostAttached: true

UniqueChipID: 4002575687029

UniqueDeviceID: 191171b6b25d99075b9b4da4faf587d043143987

Uses24HourClock: false

WiFiAddress: 00:21:e9:4a:c7:2c

iTunesHasConnected: true

[root@localhost foosterh]#

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