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Double entries in Nautilus (Files) sidebar for samba shares

asked 2013-11-08 06:06:55 -0500

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updated 2014-02-13 15:16:22 -0500

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I'm on Fedora 20 Alpha and I'm automounting 3 samba shares at boot time with lines like this in /etc/fstab:

// /media/MyBookWorld/ML cifs x-systemd.automount,username=xxx,password=xxx,noperm,iocharset=utf8 0 0

This works well, except for one small thing, i.e. I end up with duplicated entries for each share in Nautilus (Files, 3.10.1) sidebar, i..e on under Devices, the other under Network. With my 2 other family laptops under Ubuntu 13.10 (Files, 3.8.2), mounted Samba shares appears only under Network, not under Device.

It's a small issue, but considering what's going on under Ubuntu, I suspect that there's probably a way to fix this with Fedora. Any idea?


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@fast_rizwaan: thanks for your answer, but removing/commenting fstab entries doesn't work, and besides, the goal here is really to automount samba shares on the local file system with cifs-utils at boot time, so these entries in fstab are mandatory. I still think that 2 entries for the same share is weird. The solution could be just to show the shares, whether mounted or not, under the Network section (like on Ubuntu), which would answer any concern for system with multiple users. I'm considering filling a bug report.

mlaverdiere gravatar imagemlaverdiere ( 2013-11-10 12:29:05 -0500 )edit

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answered 2013-11-11 06:06:28 -0500

mlaverdiere gravatar image

updated 2013-11-17 13:32:31 -0500

Finally, it seems it's a bug (now fixed) in gvfs that produces this weird behavior in Files/Nautilus. See bug reports 971576 (Fedora) and 696279(GNOME). So it shouldn't be too long before the fix appears in Fedora 20.

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answered 2013-11-09 19:01:42 -0500

fast_rizwaan gravatar image

fstab shows local Mounted partitions, it would be unexpected if a locally mounted network share is not shown in drives. If you remove the fstab entry it will not show in the drives section. I guess files stores network authentication for future reuse. try commenting the fstab entry and only network will show the share. Just because a network share is mounted locally should it not be visible to users on network? What about other users or the users who forget that the share is locally mounted? I think files behavior is prefectly acceptable.

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