Cannot access properties in Evolution folders

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updated 2013-11-08 16:04:03 -0500

I recently installed Fedora 19 running gnome-classic-session. I killed evolution with "evolution --force-shutdown", copied over all of the relevant folders from my old Ubuntu installation (.local/share/evolution, .config/evolution, and .gconf/apps/evolution), and restarted my session. All worked perfectly, except that now every time evolution checks my mail it tries to check all folders instead of just the inbox. I seem to remember this being an issue you need to configure on a folder by folder basis, however, when I right click on any of the folders (and this happens with them all) and try and go to Properties, I get this:

Failed to open folder.
The reported error was "No quota information available for folder 'INBOX/Wordpress forums'".

When Googling the error the only results I get are from the source code where the text of this error lives, and not any actual people having this problem or how they fixed it. I think it might have to do with the version differences (based on one of the config files the old one was 3.2.0 and this one is 3.8.5), but I am not sure and have no idea how to resolve it either way. Any ideas? Thanks.

Update: I never did find an answer to this. I wound up uninstalling evolution altogether, deleting the existing mail, resintalling evolution, and letting it download all of the mail from the server. This did get it all working again properly, although unfortunately it does not answer the question on how to properly migrate the mail from one installation to another.

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