How to install museek+ from source

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For sharing music P2P on Linux, resp. Fedora, there are mainly two alternatives: Soulseek and Museek+. My endeavour is to install the second option for reasons I don't want to discuss. I say endeavour as I haven't managed to get the application running, yet. But I'm convinced that success is close. As there is no thread so far that really explains how to install Museek+, I want to provide a step-by-step manual until the point I have reached. Afterwards I must rely on your help. Hopefully, the installation will be accomplished and along with it this guide.

People might say: "What's the big deal? Just get it from RPM." Well, the answer is that the package was orphaned since F15. The only possibility users have is to build Museek+ from source. Moreover, the instructions on the developer's page of Museek+ ( are hieroglyphic to me or may be even wrong, as they haven't worked in my case.

Please mind that I'm using F18 and there is no guarantee that the following explanation is applicable to any other version.

Step 1: Download the latest stable source from the developer's homepage (

Step 2: Extract the archive using the file manager - find the file and right-click unzip here - or the terminal - open the directory and type tar -zxvf filename.tar.gz.

Step 3: For installing Museek+, cmake is necessary. This is easy to get using the following command in the terminal: yum install cmake

Step 4: Futhermore Museek+ relies on several build dependencies as explained on the developer's homepage (

  • libxml++-1.0.x or 2.6.x (1)
  • QT 4.4 (2)
  • Python (including pyexpat for musetup) (3)
  • a C compiler (4a)
  • a C++ compiler (4b)
  • Swig (5)

You check if you already have these packages entering in the terminal yum list installed. If yes, good; if no, you can easily get them using these commands:

  1. yum install libxml++
  2. yum install qt4
  3. yum install
  4. yum groupinstall "Development Tools" (a&b)
  5. yum install swig

Step 5 (That's the step where I cannot get further): Developer's instructions say:

cmake . make install

But the machine says:

[root@localhost museek+-0.2]# cmake .

DECLARATIONS: PREFIX (/usr), MANDIR (PREFIX/man) Package options: EVERYTHING, NO_MUSEEKD, NO_MUSCAN, NO_SETUP, NO_MUSEEQ, NO_PYMUCIPHER, BINDINGS, MURMUR, MUCOUS, CLIENTS Museeq options: BINRELOC, DATADIR (PREFIX/share), RELOAD_TRANSLATIONS Prefix these declarations with -D and set them with either 1, 0 or a path. Set -DEVERYTHING=1 if you want it all CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:160 (message): Couldn't determine 32bit unsigned interger type.

Can anybody tell me what the problem is and how to fix it. I would be grateful. Please comment also to this post when you have suggestions for improvements.

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It looks like the complaint is this: Couldn't determine 32bit unsigned interger type. But I am not sure why it is giving that complaint.

Eddie gravatar imageEddie ( 2013-10-25 18:43:56 -0500 )edit