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Minecraft won't open on Fedora

asked 2013-10-24 13:52:45 -0500

Koundie gravatar image

I've installed it as directed by a previous answer on here. And everything worked alright as I went through it. Now that I have it in my applications, whenever I click on it literally nothing happens. It just doesn't open. It's like a blank icon, almost.

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1 Answer

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answered 2013-10-24 14:45:07 -0500

cobra gravatar image

updated 2013-10-24 14:45:54 -0500

Minecraft runs with Java - so you need to be sure you have it installed correctly.

First thing to check is that you have the rpm installed from the main repositories (i.e. installed through yum). Also check that you have the browser plugin, called 'icedtea' installed correctly too.

If those are present, then you can ensure it's all set up properly with the 'alternatives' tool. I always find alternatives hard to use, but there is a gnome graphical front end available in the repositories called 'galternatives'. Give that a try, too.

You can test your browser is working correctly with Java by visiting the java website which, I believe, is at

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