Firefox, Thunderbird slow to open on Fedora 19 (Gnome)

asked 2013-10-22 10:34:18 -0500

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I'm having a problem with a number of apps on Fedora, including Firefox, Thunderbird, and MultiBit, where they take a long time to load. Often upwards of 10 seconds. My machine is powerful--third-gen i7 processor, SSD--and other applications open almost instantly. Is anyone else having this problem or know of a solution?


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It looks like the slow applications have in common that they may access the network - is it actual starting them slow or accessing firefox home page and other online services (i remember some old ipv6 + firefox discussions There are many hints available at how to diagnose slow firefox (safe mode, etc) - i would try them out first.

marcindulak gravatar imagemarcindulak ( 2013-10-24 09:27:47 -0500 )edit