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Webcam support

asked 2013-10-20 17:21:19 -0500

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Hello everybody! I recently installed Fedora 19 on my 32gib flash drive, and I love how everything looks and feels! I've been dabbling around in Linux for about half a year now, and I started with Ubuntu. That didn't work out very well, and it got very glitchy after a short while. I moved on to try some other os's including crunchbang and backtrack (I like hacking) and I've stuck with that for quite some time now. The reason I always install to a flash drive is because the hdd on my laptop burnt out and I can't afford to get a new one. One of the main reasons I switched to Fedora was for compatibility, which isn't working out very well for me right now. I had just gotten used to apt-get, and now I'm slowly getting used to yum, though I still can't figure out the software process, which is very different from the ubuntu software center and synaptic package manager.

In any case, my problem is that I can't get any of my webcams to work! This is probably because they're all exceedingly old ones. One is a Conexant Wondereye, and the other is the Xirlink, Inc. Veo Mobile/Advanced Web Camera (copied output of lsusb) I plug them in and the light on the wondereye turns on, but when I open cheese, webcam toy, or skype, it doesn't register!

Help me please?

also, is there a keyboard shortcut for the fedora terminal?

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answered 2013-10-21 20:14:19 -0500

IF you look for the driver support list on the Linux drivers . org site under the usb web-cams section it will tell you if your web cam see supported or not. I didn't see the Conexant Wondereye on there but, I could be wrong. Hoped this helped.

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