fedora19, kernel 3.11 screen not backlit

asked 2013-10-11 11:27:49 -0500

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updated 2014-04-11 15:45:47 -0500

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I updated kernel 3.9 (which was working fine) and found that the new kernel 3.11 boots, but screen is not back-lit. If I go into bright sun I can see the screen. I am running Dell XPS13. I tried to edit Grub with acpi_backlight=vendor already and no luck. Any other ideas of what to try? Thank you for your help!

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Do you have the ATI drivers from rpmfusion installed? If you are unsure then please post the boot line from grub.cfg. These drivers are no longer maintained and might be causing various problems.

Marc lml gravatar imageMarc lml ( 2013-10-12 10:28:01 -0500 )edit